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COVID-19: Early coronavirus symptoms differ between age groups, new research finds

New research has found symptoms in the early days of Covid-19 may differ between men and women. 

The study by King's College London, examined 18 symptoms from data obtained from the ZOE COVID Symptom Study App. Results found men were most likely to experience shortness of breath, fatigue, chills and fever, whereas women were more likely to report loss of smell, chest pain and a persistent cough.

"It's important people know the earliest symptoms are wide-ranging and may look different for each member of a family or household. Testing guidance could be updated to enable cases to be picked up earlier, especially in the face of new variants which are highly transmissible. This could include using widely available lateral flow tests for people with any of these non-core symptoms." Lead author and reader at King's College London, Claire Steves has said. 

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Source: Sky News, 30 July 2021

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Covid vaccines have prevented 60,000 deaths in England - Jonathan Van-Tam

Prof Jonathan Van-Tam has said around 60,000 deaths have been prevented in England as a result of the Covid vaccine programme, with approximately 22 million cases having also been stopped, saying the likelihood of another lockdown was 'much lower' if a higher proportion of the population get the jab. 

Disputing a claim made to a newspaper by a senior minister regarding the drop in cases, he says, "I hope the worst is behind us but I think it's quite possible that we're going to have one or two bumpy periods in the autumn and in the winter, not only through Covid, but also through flu and other respiratory viruses as well."

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Source: BBC News, 29 July 2021

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