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Safety Culture Survey

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We are looking to implement a Safety Culture survey, which surveys do people use? Does anyone have experience of a survey that is fit for purpose for both Community areas and Acute Inpatient?

Many Thanks for sharing

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Hi Michelle,

we’ve a few of those on the hub, should be searchable. Any problem, just let us know @Patient Safety Learning

I met with the CEO of an Australian company this week and they have a tool that hasn’t yet been used in healthcare. It is a 10 minute survey that looks at: health and well being;  safety systems; safety leadership; safety engagement. It’s called the Health and Safety Index. It looks pretty impressive. I’ve been thinking that it would be good to get a few pilots in healthcare on it and they’re keen. If you’re interested, do let me know and I’ll make the introductions healthandsafetyindex.com.au 

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We conducted our own Safety Culture survey using Survey Monkey in Feb 2020 across the whole organisation - not just clinical.

The survey was divided into sections to explore:
• Employee Information
• SLH Management Commitment to safety
• Communication
• Training and Education
• Compliance
• Learning Organisation

Having adressed COVID using a systems approach we will revist the survey later this year.

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Hi @Val Noble, we'd love to hear more about this work, to share your learning through a blog perhaps for the hub? Are you able to share a template here of the survey you designed? Or to share any challenges or successes you found during the process?

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