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    Hi Steve. I do not doubt what you are saying about blacklisting but if your sure about what you suspect have you considered going down the FOI request route?. I realise this means more emails etc but it could throw some light on your issues. Could I also say that is there anything genuinely wrong with your job applications. An example could be that you did not answer the questions correctly whether on paper or at interview. Its a mistake I have made several times and I am sure many others have as well and therefore they failed to secure a job
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    Thank you for sharing with us the incident which is clearly something that will harm a patient. Firstly you should be congratulated in speaking up while others stood back and said nothing. Stand firm in your beliefs that you have done the right thing and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. With regard to the FTSPUG service, I used the service at my current hospital after an unauthorised visitor made their way into an operating theatre. While I challenged what the person was doing in the operating theatre everyone including senior management looked the other way. After contacting the FTSUG s