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    I am a solicitor in the health team at Browne Jacobson LLP and I am passionate about patient safety. In my role as Risk Management Lead I lead on the clinical risk management work we do to support NHS Trusts and other health care organisations learn from claims and inquests.
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    Hi both I don't have any further information to add to this but I agree that it will be good to hear from the early adopters about how the introductory version of the PSIFR is working in practice, My understanding is that the first draft of the PSIRF was originally due to be published Autumn 2019 but the timeframe for publication and implementation of the final version has been pushed back to enable the early adopters to report back on their experiences. Whilst the delay may seem frustrating, I think it is a good idea to await the feedback from the early adopters so that the finalized PSIRF is capable of successful implementation and also that it achieves proportionate and effective learning following incidents, facilitating better support for staff involved and improving patient safety. Amelia