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  1. Content Article Comment
    I have no experience of HIN/SIM other than what I've read, which is the ideal version rather than what is implemented. I am a former carer with no professional training. My comments on the above : A, Such a multi-agency panel does not look out of place to me. As I understand, the MAP is not creating your HIN care plan then retrospectively inviting you to "co-produce" it. It is merely deciding who, from among those who have been nominated, to offer the HIN/SIM service to - ie do you meet the threshold criteria? could you benefit from it? They don't need to interview all candidates, o
  2. Content Article Comment
    More allegations. Still no investigation. The title is misleading, making it appear that HIN has been shut down by powers above. But there is no evidence of it having been found guilty of anything. The text suggests that it is voluntarily shutting down, probably because of the hostility not only from StopSIM but also from professional organisations like RCP. The statement gives the impression that any review or investigation is a foregone conclusion, and that RCP members played a key role in unearthing this public scandal. Hypocrisy and opportunism.
  3. Content Article Comment
    Yes it would be more helpful if HIN directors were willing to engage in discussion. However from my own experience on twitter and facebook I can understand their decision not to do so. When people are attacking you via social media as StopSIM is attacking HIN/SIM then defending yourself is not wise. The more you defend yourself, the more belligerent your critics become. If you don't want to apologise unreservedly, then it is best for all if you just keep quiet and disengage. In my own unwise encounters I continued defending myself, resulting in abuse, accusations that I was really Paul J
  4. Content Article Comment
    Yes we do need open and honest discussion about what SIM/HIN actually does, rather than a heavily publicised attack consisting mostly of 'concerns' about what it 'might' be doing, some of which border on being malicious and libellous. The hostility of the attack against HIN - with many professional organisations also now distancing themselves from it and expressing new-found 'concerns' which never bothered them before - has resulted in the HIN directors avoiding engagement and taking their website offline. Hostility and deliberate misrepresentation does not provide an environment in which ther
  5. Content Article Comment
    I have engaged in several discussions on twitter and facebook with supporters of StopSIM and with the person who appears to be the spokesperson (LD) for the StopSIM Coalition (which is anonymous). While there is some valid criticism of the lack of genuine co-production with service users in the development of the programme, and lack of independent evaluation of the programme (which I think cannot be blamed on HIN), the most alarming criticisms such as "withholding potentially life-saving treatment" and the "coercive" nature of the programme appear to be blatant misrepresentations. The very tag