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    I have been involved with patient safety and quality initiatives for about 15 years, as a clinical leader in critical care nursing, at the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and now as a researcher at Queens University pursuing a Doctoral degree.
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    Queens University
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    Congratulations on this much needed initiative! I am in the final days of completing my PhD (Nursing, Patient Safety) and in my break time from writing took a peak at your great site. My study looked at the experience of growth for health providers after being involved in a serious patient safety incident (PSI). Too often supports in the area of PSI are bundled in with other types of adverse experience such as unavoidable patient deterioration; but for health providers being involved in an incident that could have been prevented or may be related to one's practice is especially devastating. Health providers are most especially hard on themselves in these types of events. Best wishes with the work and please do connect with me if you are interested in hearing about the study results abbiehain@yahoo.com or ah156@queensuniversity.ca
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