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  • Top Picks: 7 key resources for patient safety managers working in hospitals

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    At Patient Safety Learning we believe that sharing insights and learning is vital to improving outcomes and reducing harm. That's why we created the hub; providing a space for people to come together and share their experiences, resources and good practice examples. 

    This month, our Content and Engagement Manager, Steph, has hand-picked seven resources, particularly relevant for patient safety managers working in hospital settings. Shared with us by hub members and patient safety advocates, they are jam-packed with practical tools and rich insights. 


    Medication delays: A huge risk for inpatients with Parkinson’s

    In this blog, Laura Cockram, Head of Policy and Campaigning at Parkinson's UK talks about the serious health implications of medication delays for people living with Parkinson's disease. She also offers recommendations for how hospitals can reduce the risk of harm.

    Improving safety for diabetic inpatients: 4 key steps

    In this short film, National Specialty Advisor for Diabetes, Partha Kar shares 4 steps for improving the safety of diabetic inpatients.

    Neonatal herpes: Why healthcare staff with cold sores should not be working with new babies

    Chief Executive and Founder of the Kit Tarka Foundation, draws on her own devastating experience of losing her son to illustrate why healthcare staff with cold sores must stay away from new babies. Sarah highlights the need for greater awareness and a widespread review of policy in order to prevent future deaths.

    Measuring standards of care, not negative outcomes

    In this interview, Gavin Portier, Head of Nursing Quality, explains how his approach to auditing has moved beyond measuring negative outcomes, instead focusing on standards of care. Gavin shares related resources and some of their early results. 

    Safety Incident Supporting Our Staff (SISOS): A second victim support initiative at Chase Farm Hospital

    Chase Farm Hospital now has 24-hour support for staff affected by adverse events. The model, developed by Theatre Nurse Carole Menashy, is known as the 365 second victim support model and sets out a framework to provide support at various levels from trained peers through to professional help. In this series of blogs, Carole explains how and why she set up the support service.

    NHS Mid and South Essex's 'We're Listening' leaflet

    Danielle, Critical Care Outreach Nurse, share's her 'We're Listening' leaflet as part of the trust's Call for Concern service. This service has been developed so that patients, friends and family can alert the Critical Care Outreach team if they have concerns that need listening to and gives a telephone number to call and outlines the next steps.

    7 Reducing intubation errors: A simple, accessible checklist to improve safety and support staff

    Sam Goodhand, a registrar specialising in anaesthetics and intensive care medicine, explains why he designed and printed simple checklist cards to help reduce life-threatening complications occurring during adult and paediatric intubation procedures. He shares details of how to order the cards for your area. 

    Have you set up an initiative or made changes locally to improve safety? What were the challenges and successes? Are there any tools you've developed that may be useful to share with others? 

    Why not get in touch with us at content@pslhub.org to tell us more and share your insights. Perhaps you'll be in our next Top Picks! 

    Patient Safety Management Network
    Some of our members have recently come together to set up a collaborative network for people working in patient safety roles to support one another and share ideas. They currently run weekly drop-in sessions. 

    If you'd like to join the network, simply sign up to the hub (for free) and tick the box for the Patient Safety Management Network. Make sure you fill out the 'about me' section to highlight how your role is relevant to the group. 


    Stephanie O'Donohue, Content and Engagement Manager 

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