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Healthcare staff experience of a serious safety incident

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Have you had first-hand experience of a serious safety incident? Were you aware of what support was available following this? What support do you think is needed for staff following a serious safety incident?

Patient Safety Learning and SHBN are collaborating with patient safety experts and frontline staff to produce a manual to support staff, provide good practice and ‘how to’ tools to improve staff wellbeing following serious safety incidents.

If you work in healthcare we would welcome views on this, by completing our short survey and/or sharing your thoughts below.

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Congratulations on this much needed initiative! I am in the final days of completing my PhD (Nursing, Patient Safety) and in my break time from writing took a peak at your great site. My study looked at the experience of growth for health providers after being involved in a serious patient safety incident (PSI). Too often supports in the area of PSI are bundled in with other types of adverse experience such as unavoidable patient deterioration; but for health providers being involved in an incident that could have been prevented or may be related to one's practice is especially devastating. Health providers are most especially hard on themselves in these types of events. Best wishes with the work and please do connect with me if you are interested in hearing about the study results abbiehain@yahoo.com or ah156@queensuniversity.ca  

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Hi Abigail, Great that you like the hub, thanks for the feedback. And of course, we welcome you sharing with friends and colleagues so more can benefit and contribute.

I'd love to hear more about your PhD and it looks invaluable to the work we're doing. I'll email you separately,


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Thanks Abigail great to hear about your PhD and look forward to finding out more really important area especially given the pressures our health services are under currently I'll send you an email 😀

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@Abigail HainAbigail, thanks for sharing about your Phd - I'm working in healthcare in Ireland in the area of quality and patient safety. I'd be interested in hearing about your findings.  Thank you!

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