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First, I want to preface that I have a high pain tolerance. I’ve broken bones, I have tattoos, I have piercings, several of which I have done myself (in my younger years, unwise, I know). I don’t have anxiety when going to the doctor or dentist, have always gotten regular pap smears without pain, issue, or anxiety. I was not afraid going into this. 

I had the Skyla coil fitted first. The doctor that fitted it was very experienced, and did not use a cervical clamp. It was a very painful experience, but he did have me take ibuprofen ahead of the appointment, used topical numbing, I can’t recall if he used a numbing injection or not, but the procedure was quick. I recall involuntarily shouting before fainting immediately after, and vomiting when I woke up. The cramps that followed for the next 48 hours were the most excruciating I have ever experienced. 

Three years later, I dutifully returned to the hospital to get it replaced. I’d moved, so I had a different doctor replace the coil. This doctor did not use any numbing nor did they recommend any medication prior to the appointment, although I took ibuprofen regardless. I chose the same coil to get fitted again, but she said she would be using a cervical clamp during the procedure. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything more painful in my life than when she attached the clamp and began the procedure to insert the new coil. And the derision and impatience of her and her assistant after the procedure as I tried to collect myself, sobbing and half naked on the table was humiliating and traumatic. 
Now, several months later I’m getting follow up calls to come back in to check the placement, as well as get a routine pap smear, and the thought of being back in that position, even knowing I won’t be experiencing that pain during the appointment, triggers a panic attack. I’m left searching for private clinics that I can pay a premium fee for that specialize in working with patients with anxiety and trauma, or finding a way to somehow work past this mental barrier I now have. 

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I recently had the mirena coil fitted. Ives never had one fitted before and I’ve had 4 children and was told it’s easier and simpler with women who have given birth naturally as the cervix is more open than a cervix that has never given birth. Is it painful coming from a women who has previously had 4 children? There is slight discomfort and you can definitely feel it going in. I’d describe it as an ache more than anything but definitely nothing compared to the pain of giving birth. All womens experience are different and have different pain thresholds but I hope this helps anyone who has a similar background to me regarding previously having children. It’s not a severe pain and I carried on with my day perfectly fine straight after. I’m sorry to read all these women that have had really painful, awful experiences but I didn’t. 

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As someone who has experienced my fair share of excruciating periods and been referred several times for severe abdominal pain - I believed (rather naively) that having the could inserted would be fine.


I take the recommended paracetamol an hour before the procedure and have prepared a heat pad for when I returned home. After being told I have a tilted cervix, and several rounds of poking, the coil was finally inserted. HOWEVER this was just the start of severe pain - I could barely talk or move the pain was that bad. The GP surgery was so unprepared for the procedure going wrong - no pain relief, no spare rooms, no heat pads or oxygen. I can only say that the nurses were amazing in looking after me with the limited resources they had! 
I ended up having the coil removed after not experiencing any reduction in pain after half an hour. Upon its removal I vomited everywhere and passed out. 

I’ve been looking into the coil a lot more since unsuccessfully having it inserted and it’s really disappointing to see so many similar stories but no open conversation about the severity of the pain on the NHS website or in consultations about coil insertion. 

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