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    A public conversation has finally started about pain relief for IUD fittings. Several women in the public eye, such as Naga Munchetty and Caitlin Moran, have come forward with appalling stories about their experiences in the stirrups. Like with recent public reckonings about violence against women in public spaces and in various industries, it’s a shame these conversations were only started when women aired their bloodstained laundry out in public, in the hopes that someone, somewhere, might give a damn. Anyone who does care now has plenty of accounts to sift through, as more and more people s
  2. Community Post
    Really moving reading everyone's experiences, solidarity to all of you. Similar to a lot of people here, I found my IUD fitting the single most painful experience of my life. I was not informed by the NHS website or the person doing the insertion that the procedure would be anything beyond 'uncomfortable'. I was allowed to leave the treatment room despite being barely able to walk, and 5 minutes later I fainted in the sexual health clinic's toilets. I have never felt so alone with my pain, or so violated by an institution which I trusted. The NHS website's phrasing that the procedure migh