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    I am a Safety Engineer at NHS Digital working to make sure Health IT is compliant with the relevant clinical safety standards, ensuring the risk of harm to patients is minimised as much as possible.
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    Safety Engineer

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    There are two types of training – Foundation and Community of Interest (previously known as Revalidation). Originally the foundation training spanned over two days but we recognised that this took up a lot of time and resource, especially given a large proportion of our delegates are practising clinicians. With this in mind, we condensed one of the days learning objectives into an e-learning session, followed up with the one-day classroom course. There are a number of ‘open’ foundation courses. Usually located in Leeds and London. Anyone can sign on to these courses once they have c
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    We are a team of 14 people, split between Leeds, London and Exeter. We are a mixture of clinicians and engineers with varying backgrounds and experiences. It’s our job to make sure that the risk of harm to patients as a result of health IT is the lowest it can possibly be. We are responsible for the production of two standards, designed to support and guide both the manufacturers of health IT and those organisations who deploy it. By ensuring these standards are in place and supporting people to comply with them, we can keep the risk of patient harm to a minimum. Of the two standard