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    A large part of our role is delivering training in Clinical Risk Management.


    There are two types of training – Foundation and Community of Interest (previously known as Revalidation).

    Originally the foundation training spanned over two days but we recognised that this took up a lot of time and resource, especially given a large proportion of our delegates are practising clinicians. With this in mind, we condensed one of the days learning objectives into an e-learning session, followed up with the one-day classroom course. 

    There are a number of ‘open’ foundation courses. Usually located in Leeds and London. Anyone can sign on to these courses once they have completed the e-learning. Open courses allow for a good mix of colleagues from both the health organisations and the manufacturing companies. Venues are decided and hosted by NHS Digital and the course fee is £475 for NHS colleagues and £625 for others. Completion of the e-learning and the classroom course are worth a total of 14 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. 

    For those with more than one colleague wishing to participate on the course, we can arrange a ‘closed’ course at your venue. Price is negotiable but we ask for a minimum of 12 delegates. 

    The foundation course covers all the principles of Clinical Risk Management and helps put the theory and technique learned on the e-learning, into practise. 

    The Clinical Safety Community of Interest Course (CSCOI), previously known as the Revalidation Course, contains:

    • a stronger emphasis on sharing best practice and networking
    • case studies presented by members of the clinical safety community
    • recent developments in health IT, including a key speaker where possible.
    • There will also be a recap of the key requirements outlined in DCB0129 and DCB0160.

    This course is for both clinicians and non-clinicians. Clinicians attending this course will be issued with 6.5 CPD points. Cost for CSCOI is £225 for NHS and £325 for others. 

    Booking can be made online

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