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    Trustee, Patient Safety Learning; former CMO Datix Ltd, for CMO United States Department of Defense TRICARE Health Plan
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  1. Content Article
    In this article, Dan looks back at the Donabedian Model, a framework for measuring healthcare quality, and suggests why this might be an over simplification and why we must also look at human factors when we think about patient safety. We are humans and we can, do and will make mistakes, so we have a personal responsibility to acknowledge and address this as a contributing factor for patient safety incidents and harm. How do we begin to address our individual responsibilities? How can each of us reduce the personal risks we pose for our patients? How do we begin to address the moral impe
  2. Content Article Comment
    Hello Claire and thanks for your comment. I have been traveling and had not checked back on the website to see your comment. I have no idea what happened to this chap or, more sadly, to the institution where he works or worked. Self denial is a strong defense mechanism, often manifest in ego-centrics, a tough group to engage with in my view. I am preparing a manuscript that will be posted soon that delves further into the topic of personal responsibility. Cheers Dan
  3. Content Article
    A few years back, I was a guest speaker at a healthcare quality improvement conference where I was approached by a doctor who said he had come to learn “what all this patient safety stuff is about". He had approached me after my presentation and, with more than a little arrogance in the tone of his voice, stated, “if only the nurses would do their jobs and follow my orders correctly, all of these errors would simply go away!” Hmmm…, a damaged and lost soul! My first reaction was to wonder what kind of slimy rock this chap had crawled out from under. However, rather than get annoye