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  1. Content Article
    In this opinion piece, hub topic lead Saira Sundar looks at the culture of misogyny we have inherited in the medical profession, particularly in the obstetrics and gynaecology area of medicine. We hear time and time again women speaking up about being mistreated and/or disbelieved by medical professionals, resulting in delays in diagnosis and serious harm. However, there is a real change being forced by women themselves, with the public increasingly questioning and insisting on improvement and the right to be heard.
  2. Content Article
    At Patient Safety Learning, we’ve been working with others to understand the issues surrounding painful hysteroscopies. In this interview, we talk to Obstetrics and Gynaecology consultant, Saira Sundar, about the process. She offers her clinical insight and highlights some of the challenges involved when it comes to managing pain during hysteroscopies.   Saira also offers advice to colleagues and patients seeking to reduce anxiety and improve the patient experience.
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