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    Hello, Following very heavy bleeding and ultrasound scans I was referred to Bishop Auckland Hospital and attended the appointment on 16th June 2020. Prior to the appointment I received no information so I attended with no idea of what to expect. My GP did say that they might fit an IUS during the appointment and that they would do a biopsy to check out the thickening of the womb that had been spotted on the ultrasound scan. So, in order to find out more I looked online to see what information there was - I was surprised at the range of responses to a biopsy and hysteroscopy. I was anxious as I entered the hospital and just found it all too much. The nurse tried to reassure me that it would be ok and that the doctor, a man, was nice. The doctor was a man - they did not take on board that I did not wish to be touched by a man; should I have had a choice? He took the notes that I had prepared for the appointment with all the details of what had happened and the medication that I was taking. I was never asked to sign a consent form; should I have been asked to sign especially if they could see the state that I was in? In my profession it's a case of: if it's not written down then it didn't happen. I was told that they didn't offer any anaesthesia due to the pressure of Covid-19 - is this going to be an excuse forever? I was taken into a room and prepared for the procedure. My legs were shaking so much; the nurse kept telling me to breathe and to push down. The doctor proceeded to carry out an internal examination - never in my life have I been so mortified that a stranger should do such a thing. He then proceeded to carry out the biopsy as I'd only reluctantly agreed to this as it was a priority to find out the cause of the bleeding. It was the most horrific pain I have ever experienced - and no the nurses talking and trying to hold my hand did not help. The doctor just pushed the instruments in and I've no idea what they were as he didn't bother to talk through what he was doing - does anyone else find that someone explaining things helpful? If I knew when things were likely to have been painful then I could have better timed my deep breathing. I am so worried about having to go back for the results and seeing the same people again. I am still feeling sore inside (21.06.20) but no I'm not going to find out about that as not doubt there will be more pain. I am dreading having to go back: I'm planning to speak with my GP to see what the alternatives might be. I'm usually an outgoing, happy, confident person but now I feel violated, as well as physically and mentally abused. How long do we have to put up with corporate violence towards women by the NHS??? I'll keep you posted ...