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  1. Community Post
    Hello Katherine, It's not the Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy that's preventing me from having the procedure, it's having a personal barbaric experience of it myself. It may be the best procedure for ruling out womb cancer, but if women can't tolerate it due to lack of pain management then the procedure is useless. I do wonder how many women have said 'no' to having a second or more hysteroscopies because of previous experience?? Gynaecologists need to remember that they do not have a second chance to make a good first impression! Brilliant work being done by the
  2. Community Post
    Hi everyone, I've recently had a post-menopausal bleed and reluctantly visited my GP today. We had an discussion around the next steps and I've opted for ultra sound scans which, having had before, I know I am comfortable with. I have stressed to my GP that I will never have another hysteroscopy again, not even under general aesthetic, and she has accepted my decision. Although she did mention that I would have to have that discussion with the gynaecologist at the scan appointment, to which I replied that there will not be a discussion as I have already made my mind up.
  3. Content Article Comment
    Sorry to have to welcome you to the club. Sadly IUD fittings are not the only painful procedures that we have to endure despite being led to believe that they just might be uncomfortable or 'like period pains'. My hysteroscopy and biopsy experience now mean that I no longer go for cervical screening and found even Covid-19 vaccinations traumatic. Why? because I can not trust the NHS staff to tell the truth. I have recently binned the bowel cancer screening kit. Why? because it might mean that I have to go for a colonoscopy. Again NHS information tells us that it might be uncomfo
  4. Community Post
    Hello Dawn, So sorry to hear of your brutal experience at the hands of the NHS; sadly you are not alone. Please seek support if you feel you need to speak to someone about your experience; I wish that I that I'd had the courage to seek support as I now struggle dealing with the NHS for other issues such as my Covid-19 vaccinations and health check. Thankfully I have a supportive GP surgery. Not all NHS staff behave like this so please don't let this experience put you off seeking treatment for any other issues, most of the staff are supportive.
  5. Content Article Comment
    Thanks to Dr Sundir for speaking out. I too had an excruciating OP hysteroscopy last summer. It was difficult to effectively prepare for the procedure, such as writing down any questions, as no information was sent prior to the appointment. I was left feeling traumatised and have lost trust in NHS staff: I was lied to about the levels of pain and now can not trust what NHS staff say. This has implications across all my health appointments, including Covid-19 vaccination which was yet another traumatic experience because of the memory of the hysteroscopy. I still suffer with the
  6. Community Post
    Thank you for your reply. I've had to leave my trusted GP behind as I've had to move house. Although I've registered with a new practice and had a new patient telephone conversation with a GP I don't know how much I can trust them to understand my feelings. I've drawn up a list of questions around the process, such as will the NHS practitioner touch me - this triggers fears of being held down as in the hysteroscopy. I also want to know what escape routes there are if I just need to get out and will any male practitioners be there - I have a fear of being violated as was the case wit
  7. Community Post
    It looks like you have to sign in to submit an answer - I'm not on Linkedin. Is there another way of asking the question do you know?
  8. Community Post
    Hi Helen, I've mentioned this to the practice, they have suggested Diazepam, but this won't be possible as I have to drive there. They weren't forthcoming in replies to my queries, I still don't know if I'll held or if I'll be able to lie down to avoid falling if I faint. Same brushing off as I got with hysteroscopy queries which doesn't inspire confidence! Take care, Carrie
  9. Community Post
    Is anyone else, who has experienced a painful hysteroscopy, now fearful of having the Covid-19 vaccination due to distrust of NHS staff? I'm struggling to find any answers to my questions about the vaccination procedure - the thought of being touched by an NHS practitioner is terrifying as a friend says that they hold your arm whilst injecting! The thought of this brings back the memories of my hysteroscopy. Do they have to hold you? I've written down a load of questions for the vaccination procedure, but worried that my worries will just be dismissed and I'll be seen as a nuisance a
  10. Community Post
    I am absolutely terrified at the thought of having to go for a vaccination and having to try to trust NHS staff after a traumatic experience of a procedure last summer yet I know that having the vaccine is so important to keep myself and everyone safe. What are the plans to support the terrified and needle phobic during the vaccination programme?
  11. Community Post
    Lovely to hear that you had a positive experience and local anaesthetic. I do hope that everything goes well for you in the future. I had to go through the experience, like many women, without any anaesthesia, and taking Ibuprofen didn't help; hence horrific pain.
  12. Content Article Comment
    For ladies like myself the damage has already been done. I will never go for another hysteroscopy again, not even under sedation or general anaesthesia as I can't trust medical staff. The trauma is with me with every medical contact; what I experienced means that I don't feel I'll be able to attend any gynaecological appointments again, not even cervical screening . Even the flu vaccine was traumatic so I dread to think how I would cope with a Covid-19 test - unknown practitioners so not to be trusted. Of course all my friends know about my experience so are now wary of this pro
  13. Community Post
    Surely all women are entitled to pain free hysteroscopy? The problem many of us face is that we don't have the information before the procedure so we can't make an informed choice. Most women don't have relatives working in the NHS who can give them the heads up as to what to ask. And we can't have any anaesthesia or even basic pain relief - and women don't know that this is wrong. Many women are told to take paracetamol or ibuprofen - I wouldn't know how to access cocodamol or naproxen, how do women get hold of this if it helps?
  14. Community Post
    Hello Jackie, It's good to hear that you have been offered another way to have the procedure. Fingers and toes crossed that it all goes well, and from what I've read it seems to. Hopefully you'll have an answer to your issue and a way forward with any treatment required. I do wish there was a risk assessment that they could do to work out the chances of the procedure being painful - such as post menopausal, no vaginal births, that sort of thing. I also wonder if there is any data on which symptoms trigger a painful experience or if there are any tweaks to the way it's done that impa
  15. Community Post
    Just a quick update: biopsy results show nothing sinister or malignant - phew! But ... they have given me another appointment 'to discuss hysteroscopy and insertion of Mirena coil plus or minus endometrial polypectomy.' (scans have shown fibroids). I'm already worrying even though it's 5 weeks away. So, I decided to be proactive and I contacted the Nurser Hysteroscopist and had a chat with her. Apparently the doctor I saw has now left so I won't see him again. We had a long conversation about my previous experience and discussed a possible way forward for the next appointment. S