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    I am a professional development nurse (and outreach nurse of 17 years!) working from within an outreach team developing level 1 education and deteriorating patient pathways. I am very keen on our team developing a Call 4 Concern system and am after advice from those who have set this up.
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    Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust
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    Dear Claire, this sounds so familiar! I too work within an outreach service as a PDN for the level 1 areas in 'normal' times. I have been working clinically within the critical care units (from 2 units to 4 during peak surge) and experienced the same amazing professional camaraderie that got us all through the initial preparatory days of the waiting game, to then the full onslaught of a peak like we have never experienced. With that came physical challenges, emotional angst and toil, dilemmas and conflict. We are now entering an even more strange lull, where we are keen to embrace moving
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    Great to find this page as we are just planning our Call 4 Concern journey and keen to learn from the experience of others. I have already had a fabulously informative and inspirational chat with Karin Gerber (thanks!) at the Royal Berkshire but am very keen on hearing from those who have started more recently. At the moment, I am proposing a pilot with the critical care follow up patients and then evaluating before further roll out. Colleagues are already concerned about extra workload or getting stuck with 'difficult' patients/families- our clientele can be challenging at the best of times!