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  • MBRRACE-UK Comparison of the care of Black and White women who have experienced a stillbirth or neonatal death (14 December 2023)

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    • 14/12/23
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    The Maternal, Newborn and Infant Clinical Outcome Review Programme has published an MBRRACE-UK Perinatal confidential enquiry report on a comparison of the care of Black and White women who have experienced a stillbirth or neonatal death. It is based on deaths reviewed in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, for the period between 1 July 2019 and 31 December 2019.

    The overall findings of this enquiry were based on the consensus opinion of panel members concerning the quality of care provided for the 36 Black and 35 White mothers and their babies. This enquiry was developed to try and identify any differences in the quality of care provided to women of Black ethnicity compared with their White counterparts, and forms the main focus of this report. As such, the recommendations are targeted at trying to ensure equity for the quality of care provision for both Black and White mothers and their babies.



    1. Develop national guidance and training for all health professionals to ensure accurate recording of women’s and their partner’s self-reported ethnicity, nationality and citizenship status, to support personalised care.
    2. Provide maternity staff with guidance and training to ensure accurate identification and recording of language needs in order to support personalised care. This should include guidance about when it is appropriate to use healthcare professionals as interpreters.
    3. Provide national support to help identify and overcome the barriers to local, equitable provision of interpretation services at all stages of perinatal care. This should include the resources to provide written information and individual parent follow-up letters in languages other than English.
    4. Develop a UK-wide specification for identifying and recording the number and nature of social risk factors, updated throughout the perinatal care pathway, in order to offer appropriate enhanced support and referral.
    5. Ensure maternity services deliver personalised care, which should include identifying and addressing the barriers to accessing specific aspects of care for each individual.
    6. Further develop and improve user guides for perinatal services, to empower women and families to make informed decisions about their care and that of their babies.
    7. Develop training and resources for all maternity and neonatal staff, so they can provide culturally and religiously sensitive care for all mothers and babies.
    8. Further develop existing PMRT guidance to ensure that all women’s and parents’ voices are actively sought, and their questions are addressed, as part of the local review carried out using the national Perinatal Mortality Review Tool.
    9. Ensure that all relevant staff in Trusts and Health Boards have adequately resourced time in their work plans and contracted hours, and are supported to participate in local PMRT multidisciplinary review panels as internal and external members, so that these safety critical meetings are constituted and conducted appropriately and are never cancelled.
    MBRRACE-UK Comparison of the care of Black and White women who have experienced a stillbirth or neonatal death (14 December 2023) https://www.hqip.org.uk/resource/mbrrace-perinatal-confidential-enquiry-black-white-women/
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