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Covid-19 safety of GP practices

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HOW SAFE ARE OUR GP PRACTICES during covid-19?  For the health care professionals, their patients, and families of patients? 

I'm a 65-yr old diabetic needing routine B12 injections.  

My GP tells me to turn up as normal so I don't develop neurological problems. 

I don't think anyone in the practice has been tested for covid-19.

I'm refusing to turn up since I suspect the GP practice to be a covid-19 hot-spot.  I don't want to transmit this virus to my frail, elderly asthmatic husband who's undergone cancer treatment and a lot of surgery.   

I've persuaded the GP to give me a precription for oral B12.

Have I done the right thing? 

How can I help GPs and patients in far worse dilemmas than mine?


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Sadly, I am not a GP.... I have tweeted this post out in the hope of getting some responses back.

I think there is a real urgency for guidance and reassurance to patients about when and who to call for help from at this time.  We are also seeing a reduction in the amount of people attending ED...where are the 'usual' sick patients, the GI bleeds, the strokes.....I do hope they are not dying at home.

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Thanks very much for your comments. 

It's hard to balance conflicting serious risks where information is missing.

Maybe patients could have the option of learning on-line to do their own routine injections and so protect health-care professionals and the general public?

Or maybe army medics could support the district nurses who are needed to care for the seriously ill housebound? 

Above all we need covid-19 testing for ALL health-care workers to reassure patients that GP practices are safe.  

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A small update on routine GP-surgery blood tests and injections during COVID-19. 

Some very good local news from Bath and Swindon.

My local GP services are soon to organise 'hot' and 'cold' GP practices.  This means that the risk to presumably covid-19-free patients of picking up the virus and spreading it to their household will be much reduced.  

So for example, I can have my routine B12 jab without a high risk of picking up the virus that's killing people locally and spreading it to a vulnerable asthmatic recovering from cancer. 

Well done our local NHS!


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