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Whistleblowing Bill launched in Parliament to widespread support

The Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK) has expressed its support for the Whistleblowing Bill launched in Parliament last week, with its first reading in the House of Commons by Mary Robinson MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Whistleblowing.

DAUK urged people to tweet their MP to show their support for the Bill.

DAUK Chair Dr Jenny Vaughan said: "Healthcare staff need to be able raise patient safety issues all of the time. We’re trained to do that, expect it, point this out as best we can. But sometimes poor safety arises because of the way we are told to work. Then, it can be just as hard for staff to speak up as it is for anyone else, because we can also be threatened, sanctioned, isolated, ignored and bullied.

"Blowing the whistle for us means saving lives, in the end. But we stand to lose as much as anyone. DAUK has supported many doctors who have been made to suffer because they spoke out, and there are many more who feel they should but are afraid to.  That is why this Bill is so important. For all staff within healthcare. And most of all, for patients  - the public. Stopping the greater harm for the greater good.”

The most important changes in the private members bill, led by Baroness Kramer would:

  • Require disclosures to be acted upon and whistleblowers protected.
  • Provide criminal and civil penalties for organisations and individuals failing to do so.
  • Establish a fully independent parliamentary body on whistleblowing, and provide easy access to redress.

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Source: Medscape UK, 26 April 2022


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