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  1. Community Post
    Thanks all for this information - really helpful.
  2. Community Post
    Great, thanks for that Jon, really helpful. MJ
  3. Community Post
    Thanks Helen, I can confirm that the Isle of Wight is one so in the process of getting the CCG patient safety contact details to get more info for Sussex CCGs. Happy to update the group on anything useful that may support other CCGs. MJ
  4. Community Post
    Hi Helen, Do you know which CCGs nationally have providers who are working as the early adopters of the new patient safety framework and how we would get contact details for the CCG patient safety teams? It would be helpful to learn more about what their role is and that starting point with their providers so I can feedback to our exec team. Many Thanks Mary-Jo
  5. Community Post
    Great, thank you for that Clive. Mary-Jo
  6. Community Post
    Sorry, another question, how do I invite others to this forum? I want to add my CCG colleagues in Surrey and Kent. Thanks MJ
  7. Community Post
    Hi Jon and Helen, Hope you are both keeping well during these challenging times. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the new strategy is delayed which is a shame although the right decision for sure allowing focus on the pandemic. I'm looking forward to the new way of working as definitely more focus on wider learning and less process/tick box exercise which the current SI process at times feels like. Jon, when we met at the conference you mentioned in your area that nursing homes (not residential if I remember correctly) are subject to SIs under your contracts. Are you able to give m
  8. Community Post
    Yes, I think this would be really helpful for CCG staff in view of the likelihood of our roles being very different when the new patient safety strategy is fully implemented. Many Thanks MJ