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    I went through a similar experience 4 years ago, when I had a hysteroscopy and then had an IUS inserted. It was very, very painful. The instruction to take paracetamol prior to the procedure was, at best, a joke and ‘at worst, an insult. I need my IUS changing now and I’m not going to because I can never go through anything like that again.
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    Healthcare is inherently a messy business. It is complex and filled with hazards. If I asked you to list the things that could potentially go wrong, I suspect you would be there for a while... So, how do you even begin to bring some consistency and safety into a system such as healthcare? How do you ‘head off’ incidents at ‘the pass’ before they occur? My experience of healthcare in the last 30 years, and of investigating complaints, incidents and errors in the last 10 years, is that we often immediately check if the appropriate policy has been followed. The ‘horror of horrors’