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    I am a independent consultant on safe medication practice and patient safety. I am an advisor to the charity Action Against Medical Accidents
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    I think this topic of how the measures taken for COVID are impacting on the safe treatment of other medical conditions is very important. NHS England have published treatment guidance on how a wide range of medical conditions should be priortised and treated during the Covid pandemic - see link below https://www.england.nhs.uk/coronavirus/secondary-care/other-resources/specialty-guides/ NICE has also issued guidance and more is on the way. https://www.nice.org.uk/covid-19 Ths guidance may introduce new risks and increase other known risks. Is this guidance being followed in practice or are patients treatment being impacted when local guidance and priorities are being introduced?
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    Thank you for sharing your response to the AvMA report. In your organisations’ Blueprint for Action’, you highlight data and insight for patient safety as one of the six foundations of safe care. You recommend health and social care system to develop models for measuring, reporting and assessing patient safety performance to identify and address shortfalls in performance. These recommendation is very similar to those included in the AvMA report. You ask the question whether the National Patient Safety Alerting Committee (NaPSAC) might be best placed to perform this role. This body’s core purpose is to ‘agree progress and oversee systems that will clearly identify which nationally-issued patient safety advice and guidance is safety-critical’ This could be a role for the committee, but only after it’s remit and that of the Patient Safety Team at NHS Improvement have been clarified to once again include known/wicked risks previously identified in patient safety alerts, and more detailed information about all major risks identified from reports to the NRLS is again shared openly.