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    This article by Jesse Lyn Stoner, argues that leading without relying on authority is a higher evolutionary skill. It supports developing adult relationships based on mutual objectives and creates work environments grounded in respect for human dignity.

    Stoner outlines “The 8 Portals of Influence” – Ways to Influence Without Authority.


    1. Character – Your own character is your greatest source of influence. Do you lead by example and follow through on your commitments? Are you respectful, authentic and trustworthy? People will believe you are motivated by the common good and not personal gain.
    2. Expertise – Do you have content knowledge and experience? Are you a thought leader? Do you understand the process needed to accomplish the objective? You can influence by providing a clear logic, an explanation of the benefit, and reassurance that it is the right course of action.
    3. Information – Do you have access to valuable information? You can influence by providing data and proof.
    4. Connectedness – Do you form close relationships with people? Do they enjoy working with you? Do you engender loyalty? You can influence by appealing to shared values and your emotional connection.
    5. Social intelligence – Do you offer insight into interpersonal issues that interfere with work and help facilitate resolution of issues? People trust that you’ll be able to help them work together effectively.
    6. Network – Do you put the right people in touch with each other? Can you garner the endorsements of credible people? People will trust that you will get the support needed.
    7. Collaboration – Do you seek win-win solutions, unify coalitions and build community? People will trust that you can help them become a high performing team that accomplishes its objectives.
    8. Funding – Do you have access to financial support? If financial resources are required, it’s easier to influence when you can ensure adequate funding is available.

    The below infographic has also been developed in relation to Stoners work. The below image was created by Tanmay Vora.


    Read the full article by Jesse Lyn Stoner, published by the Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership, via the link below.

    How to influence without authority https://seapointcenter.com/influence-without-authority/
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