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  • Medical Protection Society: Supporting doctors through the menopause (October 2022)

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    • 25/10/22
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    The aim of this paper is to raise awareness of the impact menopause is having on the workforce, as well as to issue recommendations and help healthcare organisations, managers, and employers to better support health care workers so that they do not leave the workforce or suffer in silence if they struggle with managing menopause symptoms.



    • All healthcare organisations should introduce flexible working arrangements for individual clinicians, with policies and procedures to ensure those affected can seek support – such as making reasonable workplace adjustments, taking breaks or taking time off when needed – without fear of adverse impacts on their career or professional reputation.
    • Managers and senior leaders in the NHS/HSE and in private healthcare settings must be trained in the topic of the menopause, including the impact the symptoms can have on working females and their teams. Anyone who is suffering with menopause symptoms needs to be supported by their managers, to discuss any necessary changes to working arrangements.
    • Occupational health teams should be involved in a proactive way in planning and supporting clinicians going through the menopause in a proactive way to avoid them leaving the profession. This should include support for mental health and wellbeing.
    • We support the recommendation from the Health and Social Care Select Committee that all new doctors joining the profession should be trained on the menopause, however we would like to see this extended to currently practising doctors.
    • Primary care providers should consider staff with menopause expertise, when hiring new team members, as this will benefit patients, clinicians and practice staff.
    • Healthcare professionals working in the NHS/HSE or in private practice who are struggling with menopause symptoms themselves should seek support and professional advice on potential treatments and lifestyle measures. MPS also has a role to play – we listen to and care for members, including offering support with their wellbeing and we have made our 24/7 confidential counselling service available for those struggling with the menopause.
    Medical Protection Society: Supporting doctors through the menopause (October 2022) https://mpscdnuks.azureedge.net/resources/docs/mp/consultatation-responses/2208314266-menopause-campaign-policy-paper.pdf?utm_source=The%20King's%20Fund%20newsletters%20(main%20account)&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=13560654_NEWSL_HMP%202022-10-28&d
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