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Staff whistleblowers raise concerns over patient safety at hospital at Royal Victoria Hospital

Staff whistleblowers have raised concerns over patient safety at one of Northern Ireland's biggest health trusts.

Information received by UTV under Freedom of Information shows that most of the worries from health workers at the Belfast Health Trust relate to the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Belfast Health Trust said any concerns raised by staff are investigated.

The Royal College of Nursing NI was due to hold a webinar with members on Tuesday evening to discuss concerns members have about safety of patients being treated on corridors.

The RCN's Rita Devlin said that the number of concerns raised with health trusts through the whistleblowing policy is only the tip of the iceberg.

The concerns included unsafe staffing levels, bed shortages, boarding of patients, ED overcrowding, alleged drug dealing on a hospital site, staff sleeping on night duty, lack of mental health beds and the quality of staff training.

The Belfast Trust said all staff are encouraged to make management aware of issues giving them concern through the whistleblowing process.

The Trust added: "Any concern we receive is subject to a fair and proportionate process of investigation.

"Whistleblowing investigations are of a fact finding nature and all relevant learning is shared as appropriate and taken forward by the Trust."

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Source: ITVX. 12 March 2024


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