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    I work for the Basque Health Service. I was a nurse in Brighton and worked for the NHS for 6 years between the years 2002 and 2008
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    Thanks everybodu for your input. This hub is great! I remember when i used to work in the UK that i was amazed at the role of pharmacist since each ward had one allocated. We dont have that here in Spain (at least where i work) and it´s such a shame since medicine reconciliation is vital in our opinion. However, we do have digital notes so they are readily avalibale to any professional within a certain organisation. Because, (very similar to whar Douglas has ponted out, ) we too have different organisations using different digital notes programs that end up not communicating with one anot
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    Hi everybody This is Jaione from Spain (we are in the North, Basque Region) and i am a nurse working in collaboration with the Patient Safety Team in our local NHS (Basque Health Service). First of all, I would like to congratulate the team for this hub which i think is a wonderful idea. Secondly, i would like to apologize for the language, since, although i lived in England many years ago, that is not the case anymore and I'm afraid i don't speak as well as I used to. I would like to comment a problem that we encounter very often in our organization which is related to patient'