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    I began working as Clinical Quality Manager for Primary & Community Care at Hampshire, IoW & Southampton CCG in June 2022. Prior to this post I spent time working at Solent NHS Trust as Quality & Safety Manager (seconded from my substantive role in safeguarding). I am a registered Social Worker in England.
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    NHS Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group
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    Clinical Quality Manager for Primary & Community Care

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  1. Community Post
    Hi all - I work as Clinical Quality Manager for Primary & Community Services (with the newly formed Hampshire & Isle of Wight ICS). I chair a regular meeting for Primary Care colleagues - typically some of the local GPs and practice managers attend. I am wanting to spotlight a bit on 'challenging behaviour' among primary care patients, and specifically the importance of addressing it as early as possible - i.e. all the steps that can be taken before resorting to de-registration or special allocation scheme (SAS). Has anyone on the hub got experience of doing similar? If so, would you be able to share anything - resources, case studies or presentations perhaps? Maybe you have some learning from a specific incident? I really just want to prompt some discussion among those present, so I don't mind if the materials cover good/bad practices in how to manage challenging behaviours. As always, the real learning comes from the conversations, not necessarily the slides! Thanks in advance, Leo 🙂 PS. Happy to share whatever I end up using afterwards.
  2. Content Article Comment
    This is a very sobering point from this paper: "Using a novel dataset based on procurement contracts for 173 CCGs, we found that increased outsourcing from CCGs in England was associated with an increase in mortality from treatable causes, potentially caused by worsening in the quality of health-care services." As someone new to commissioning (and pslhub.org), this was a very useful and timely piece to read. Thanks for signposting/highlighting!
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