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    I am a postgraduate researcher within the CINN Pain lab at the University of Reading. My primary interest is understanding the interaction of psychological and pain mechanisms. I am currently involved in empirical evaluating pain and pain assessment during daycase hysteroscopy.
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    Pain Researcher

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    Apologies for the delay in my reply. I feel poorly qualified to answer, as a lot of the importance here should be placed on the actual experience of women within the medical system, rather than my views on their transcripts. Historically, I believe there to be an imbalance, with women's experiences of their health & treatment being ridiculed, shrugged off or neglected entirely (see origin of term 'hysteria'). I am not a historian, but I believe this likely to be a product of poorer scientific/medical knowledge of systems unique to female anatomy and the oppressed position of women in civil
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    Hi there, I represent a team of researchers in Reading, who are submitting ethical approval for a project investigating pain research and knee surgery. Part of this process is receiving feedback from an NHS ethics committee and addressing this for the benefit of the science, patients and clinicians involved. One suggestion they have made is that we involve patients within the review of our information sheets, which detail the procedures (both medical & research) that they may consent to. There is no requirement of expertise or experience from any patient who wishes to be involved, we