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    Patient with experience of chronic illness.
    Concerns about difficulty accessing healthcare during and since lockdown.
    Concerns about how complaints are handled in Nhs.
    Occupational physician (retired)

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    Unable to access hospital care and tests Between March and September 2020, there was blanket NHS order to hospitals, ambulances, GPs, 111 not to admit anyone to hospital unless they were ‘blue around the lips’ or unconscious. If you talk to people with Long Covid, you will find many were very ill during this time but turned away by all health services. This led to many being inaccurately labelled ‘mild' because not admitted. At the start of the pandemic, testing was not widely available and evidence showed a high false negative rate. Despite this awareness, many people suffering long
  2. Community Post
    I am so concerned about the shut down of all normal nhs services from the p.o.v. Of my elderly mother. She normally receives regular eye injections to prevent further sight loss, and these have been cancelled with no monitoring. There is a high risk of further blood clots to the back of her eyes. She has hearing aids and her hearing has deteriorated so badly. She needs retesting but no response from clinics. I am aware that hearing loss is the biggest single factor causing step down in dementia and cognitive functioning. her cognitive function has shockingly worsened during lockdown.