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  1. Content Article Comment
    This is great to see and I particularly like your rebuttal of the claim that individuals 'feel pain differently'. It's all a distraction from the central issue, which is that the pain management aspect of this and related procedures simply hasn't been prioritised. We can speculate on why this might be. The option of GA should always be offered up-front while the alternatives are as unacceptable as what you describe here, which is in keeping with what I've heard from women I've spoken to. I do think your point that the location of where gynae procedures are done is also a significant one,
  2. Community Post
    Just dropping back in to add that I recently heard of a woman not even being given a consent form to sign for this procedure at an NHS hospital. This was for a recent procedure that was POST Montgomery. How can they get away with breaking the law like this?
  3. Community Post
    I was so lucky to have my hysteroscopy and polypectomy under GA. I had a consultant who recognised that I was at risk of suffering severe pain (not had a baby, a history of anxiety and painful periods) and told me so at my initial consultation. But supposing she hadn't been so honest? Most women are not given this information and cannot therefore give informed consent. This is an invasive and painful surgical procedure that should never have been taken out of the operating theatre, IMHO. Even if some very experienced doctors claim to be able to do a hysteroscopy with minimal discomfort,