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  • The King's Fund: The quality of patient engagement and involvement in primary care (2010)

    Claire Cox
    • UK
    • Data, research and analysis
    • Pre-existing
    • Original author
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    • Suzanne Parsons, Anna Winterbottom, Peter Cross and Don Redding
    • Patients and public, Health and care staff, Patient safety leads


    The King's Fund commissioned this research project from Picker Institute Europe to examine the role of patient engagement and involvement in the quality and development of general practice services.


    Picker Institute Europe reviewed the quality of patient engagement in primary care, how to measure it, and developments in patient involvement in primary care.

    Part of this paper considered three examples of notable practice in involving patients in the development of their general practice services. These were not selected because they were ‘typical’ but because they demonstrated, in some depth, a variety of approaches to patient involvement.

    • The first example looked at two health centres with patient forums. One forum was more formal, with designated officers and control of the agendas and conduct of meetings. The other opted for a looser, less formal approach, as a ‘friend’ of the centre. 
    • The second example looked at a practice-based commissioning structure that was strongly guided by the Primary Care Trust and was trying to unite existing and new practice representatives into a new and dynamic network.
    • The final example looked at a different kind of consortium, driven more by the practices themselves, in which patient representatives were integral and essential to the decision-making process. It was also looking to broaden its constituency with an area-wide health forum.
    The King's Fund: The quality of patient engagement and involvement in primary care (2010) https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/projects/gp-inquiry/patient-engagement-involvement
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