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Coronavirus: Share your tips

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Share your tips and ideas on what you and your organisation are doing in the coronavirus pandemic. Let's share our solutions to the many problems and challenges we are currently facing. Here's one posted on Twitter from the Simulation and Resuscitation Department at Gloucestershire Hospitals.



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Thinking aloud ...  Please are there ways of enabling a next-of-kin to say goodbye to a conscious but dying covid-19 patient so that patient doesn't die without family?  

A voice on a phone?  A video on a phone?  A written note (in laminated, sanitised plastic pocked)?  Some form of talisman that the next-of-kin gives the patient when they're taken to hospital? 

As a cancer radiotherapy-survivor I know how comforting it was to carry a small note from my husband into the 'lock-down' radiotherapy rooms.  Obviously during this pandemic safety is paramount but a safe compromise way of farewell would help everyone involved with the death. 

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I attended a trauma call in my hospital the other day - dressed head to toe in PPE, we couldn't hear each other or knew who each other were.

Since this happened - we have not got these stickers to go on our PPE .  These are great for adhoc teams that come together in extremis (such as trauma calls)

bsuh badge.jpg

bsuh badges.jpg

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Staff have been redeployed to many differing areas.  North West Anglia NHS Trust have designed these badges to help.  What a brilliant idea!




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North Middlesex Hospital has introduced well being rooms and well being teams for their staff.  A place to unwind and have a chat.

wellbeing room.jpg


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Keeping quality improvement going virtually - here’s some top tips from 
@mattcope16 on twitter -   for running virtual process mapping.



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"I'm new here" badges. Great initiative at Frimley Health. The teams have been delivering them to wards for staff who have been redeployed or volunteered for new roles.


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