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Emergency CPAP

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We are looking into introducing a new device to deliver CPAP at ward level into our trust.

Currently we use NIPPY machines which can deliver some PEEP when in a selected mode, however the downfall to this is, it can only produce an oxygen concentration of around 50%. Often, the patient groups that require this intervention are on high oxygen requirements and so particularly in the early stages would benefit from a device that could deliver both.

I have previously worked with Pulmodyne 02-Max trio which allows up to 90% oxygen and PEEP up to 7.5cmH20. Majority of patients responded very well to this treatment.

I wondered whether any other trusts/ team have any other experiences/ devices that they may use and recommend?


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Hi @Kirsty Wood we use the trilogy, however we only use it for BiPAP.  It does do CPAP but we , as a Trust, have decided that we wont use CPAP as a therapy on the wards.  We might start it while we wait for an ITU bed, but not as a long term measure.  This machine is great as it is portable, has a good battery life and doesn't require the air port.

Patients bring in their own NIPPY from home if they require it, but only on their normal settings.


I hope that helps



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