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Community Mental Health Waiting List Harm reviews

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Dear All,

I am looking to undertake some harm reviews for patients that are currently on community mental health waiting lists, I can only find criteria for acute trusts and wondered if any other MH Trust has a criteria or template they would be willing to share?

Many thanks


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Hi Kerry, good idea. I’m not sure but I’m speaking to an Assistant Director and PS lead of a MH Trust tomorrow with the PS leads at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. I’ll ask them if they have a template or criteria. And if not, who might they suggest we approach. Thanks, Helen 

@Steve Turner any suggestions? @Claire Cox Shall we ask the PSMN members on Friday? 

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Hi Kerry.  I co-ordinate a mortality review programme and therefore familiar with use of the RPsych Care Review Tool template for care record review to explore and consider harm.  Their guidance indicates additional prompts can be added to the tool if a Trust wishes to explore a particular cohort - eg dementia.  But it sounds like you are applying harm review to living patients.  One option would be to produce a mini case comparison tool, defining the kind of harms you are looking for (ie is the focus purely on physical and or mental health or would you be thinking broader from a public health perspective and take into account social determinants), you can review each case to confirm whether that indicator is present.  Simple but visual.  Not sure how you could define harm in this context - perhaps better to describe as risk factors or health determinants?

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Hi @Alison R thank you, that’s really helpful, excellent suggestion. We’d be very happy to share anything that’s developed for wider benefit and learning.

I didn’t get to raise on my call this morning so I’m following up with an email. I’ll let you know any suggestions that come back from this. Helen 

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