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    Mortality Review Programme Co-ordinator helping to identify Learning from Deaths
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  1. Community Post
    Hi Kerry. I co-ordinate a mortality review programme and therefore familiar with use of the RPsych Care Review Tool template for care record review to explore and consider harm. Their guidance indicates additional prompts can be added to the tool if a Trust wishes to explore a particular cohort - eg dementia. But it sounds like you are applying harm review to living patients. One option would be to produce a mini case comparison tool, defining the kind of harms you are looking for (ie is the focus purely on physical and or mental health or would you be thinking broader from a public health
  2. Community Post
    Sorry for the delay. I have just spotted the replies! Thank you for your responses. It sounds like there is some appetite for people to come together and discuss ideas and thoughts about Mortality review processes as a tool for learning from deaths. I am particularly interested in its application to mental health and community trusts organisations - I have helped to implement the process and we are a number of years in on our journey. It would be good to compare and contrast experiences and models used by others, and also the interface with the expansion of the Medical examiner system out
  3. Community Post
    Hi. I would like to reach out to other mental health and community trusts to share best practice and promote discussion around implementation of mortality review (RPsych Care Review Tool). Is anyone aware of any forums/groups established for this purpose?