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Mortality Review in Community and Mental Health Trusts

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Hi.  I would like to reach out to other mental health and community trusts to share best practice and promote discussion around implementation of mortality review (RPsych Care Review Tool).  Is anyone aware of any forums/groups established for this purpose? 

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Hi Alison,

Great question, we'll help you find out. Suggest that we raise with the Patient Safety Manager Network group and see if they know. @Claire Cox Are you ok to follow up?

Also we can promote your question widely through our social media. Are you happy for us to include you in the tweet directly? If so, let me have the details and we'll get on to that. We don't have to, so no worries if you'd prefer anonymity.

I'm also working with South London and Maudsley FT and I'll ask their Assistant Director lead, she's a role at the Royal College so might know.

Might be good to set up a network for this. Let us know if you'd like to talk to us about how we might help if this is something you'd be keen to explore.

You're welcome to contact me direct too -  helen@patientsafetylearning.org

Best wishes

Helen, Chief Executive

@Patient Safety Learning @Mark Hughes

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This work has so much potential for improvements in patient safety. Will it link to Coroners prevention of future deaths reports?

It's such a complex area, with so many threads and possibilities for learning. I used to work in a Mental Health Assertive Outreach Team and was greatly saddened by the high mortality rate from deaths through neglect or undetected (and treatable) physical illnesses. 



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Sorry for the delay.  I have just spotted the replies! Thank you for your responses.  It sounds like there is some appetite for people to come together and discuss ideas and thoughts about Mortality review processes as a tool for learning from deaths.  I am particularly interested in its application to mental health and community trusts organisations - I have helped to implement the process and we are a number of years in on our journey.  It would be good to compare and contrast experiences and models used by others, and also the interface with the expansion of the Medical examiner system out into community.  Helen - thank you for your offer of help.  I will email you with further information.

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Hi Alison, that’s great, looking forward to connecting on that. H


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