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Doctors and nurses rally at Perth Children’s Hospital after girl’s death, calling for vital health system improvements

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About 1000 angry nurses and doctors have rallied outside Perth Children’s Hospital in Australia following the death of seven-year-old Aishwarya Aswath, demanding vital improvements to the state’s struggling health system.

The Australian Nurses Federation was joined by the Australian Medical Association for the rally, with staff from hospitals across Perth attending. Many people held signs that read “We care about Aishwarya”, “Listen to frontline staff”, “Report the executive — not us” and “Please don’t throw me under the bus”.

Aishwarya developed a fever on Good Friday and was taken to Perth Children’s Hospital the next day, but had to wait about two hours in the emergency department before she received treatment. She died soon after from a bacterial infection.

An internal report into the tragedy made 11 recommendations — including improvement to the triage process, a clear way for parents to escalate concerns and a review of cultural awareness for staff — but Aishwarya’s parents said the report raised more questions than it answered. The family wants a broader independent inquiry to look at all 21 near-misses in the past 15 months – not just their daughter’s case.

Some people have been referred to medical authorities, while Child and Adolescent Health Service chair Debbie Karasinski resigned after the report.'

I am encouraged to see the way healthcare staff reacted to this tragedy.

Imagine a similar event in England, would nurses protest outside the hospital and stand up to authority like this? I doubt it very much, which is very sad reflection on the prevailing culture and health leadership in England.

What do others think?

Source: The Australian. 9 July 2021

Picture: Picture: 9 News


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