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Long Covid: Where are these clinics?

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Hello, as far as I know in North Somerset, my GP tells me that a post covid fatigue service

is being catered for by the NHS psychological service Vita Minds. I did tweet them recently- but no reply as yet.

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On Thursday 17th September I participated in a zoom meeting with Aaron Cummins, Chief Exec University Hospitals Morecambe Bay. He confirmed that there are no plans to commission one of these clinics in the Lancaster/Morecambe Bay Area. I was informed that patients should contact their gp who would direct them to existing services where they deemed it necessary to do so.

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@Sally A and others on longcovid support groups are highlighting that they are paying privately to access services as they are not getting referred from the NHS for the support they need. 

Are there others who have chosen to do this? Surely access to much needed services shouldn’t be dependent on the ability to pay for them? 

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Guest Andrea Burden
Guest Andrea Burden

I live in Letchworth, North Hertfordshire. GP has referred me to post Covid-19 rehabilitation process. It seems to be run by Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust.

I've had two video pulmonary physio appointments so far. Received audio breathing exercises and video on exercise to follow along. Follow up appointments every 2 weeks.

I also had a video call with a Covid GP as info gathering. 
I've got a face to face on 8 October.

Emails come from COVID-19 Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Workforce

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Andrea. Very helpful. 
We’ll follow up with  COVID-19 Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Workforce

Not come across them before

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Guest Kelly Raihani
Guest Kelly Raihani

UCLH- very dismissive and pushing physio and long waiting times to be triaged between teams.

Imperial community cardiology and respiratory clinic have a covid clinic - but you need to be hospitalised.

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Guest Francesca L
Guest Francesca L

Hello, my GP told me last month that she had become aware a multidisciplinary post covid was going to open at Homerton hospital in Hackney, London. However today the GP said she's not heard any updates and not sure when/if it will open. 

There is one at UCLH as others have said and access is via their respiratory team. I've had two referrals refused so have not had the opportunity to be seen there. 

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On 24/09/2020 at 08:18, HelenH said:

Thank you @Natalie SullivanI wonder what those existing services are? 

thank you @Dawn Knight Would you kindly update us if you get a response? 


I was advised by my GP practice on the 15th October that I have been referred to a Post Covid Rehab pathway. Noone has been in touch yet, but when they do, I'll update you as to what that means...

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Hi. Has any progress been made with regards to locating clinics? Has Simon Stevens responded to the letter from PSL? It seems to be the case that same CCG's are choosing to set up clinics whereas some are referring patients to existing rehabilitation programs, usually within pulmonary/respiratory services. I expect the guidance criteria given to GP's as to which patients meet the local threshold for eligibility will also vary from one CCG to the next.  This will be due to individual CCG's having the say as to what services are commissioned regionally, but is there any national guidelines as to what services should be offered and how patients are referred?

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Hi @Natalie Sullivan Thanks for the question. There’s progress. Simon Stevens replied and following his announcement that outlined his 5 point action plan. NHSEI have since issued guidance to CCGs and NICE have issued their scope for guidance they’re developing. It’s progress but the clinics aren’t up and running - they’ve set a deadline of end November. These should be developed in light of the national guidelines. We’ve included all these resources on the hub (see links below). I’ve been asked to join the longcovid task force so will be able to update on the hub.

Hope that helps. Do come back with comments/questions. Helen 

National guidance for post-COVID syndrome assessment clinics (6 November 2020)

Your COVID Recovery guidance (6 November 2020)

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Hi Helen. Thanks for your response. I had actually read that and completely forgotten that I had. Thanks for reminding me ! I'm also working on trying to better navigate the hub. With regard to point 3 below, I presume that the service offered will be determined by individual CCG's. So for example, in some areas, the service is being provided by the pulmonary rehab team. Whilst very welcome, I would presume that a respiratory nurse will not assess for all of the following or is the plan that they will be trained to do so ?

3. Designated Long Covid clinics, as announced today. This will involve each part of the country designating expert one-stop services in line with an agreed national specification. Post-Covid services will provide joined up care for physical and mental health, with patients having access to:

– A physical assessment, which will include diagnostic testing, to identify any potential chronic health issues.

– A cognitive assessment, to assess any potential memory, attention, and concentration problems.

– A psychological assessment, to see if someone is suffering potentially from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or another mental health condition.

Patients could also then be referred from designated clinics into specialist lung disease services, sleep clinics, cardiac services, rehabilitation services, or signposted into IAPT and other mental health services

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It seems nothing is available in Cumbria. I became ill in March, quite severe but manage to stay out of hospital. I have been unwell ever since, able to do very little, which is extremely hard as I am on my own, close relatives 300 miles away.

My GP is sympathetic but has no answers. I have to phone at 8.30 am to book a phone call from her.
people need urgent physical and mental help. What chance is there for people in rural areas? 


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Hi Guest S L,

Thank you for adding your comment. A recent NHS press release said: 

"Ten sites have been earmarked for the Midlands, seven in the North East, six in the East of England, South West and South East respectively, five in London and three in the North West."

It is important that people with Long COVID can access the relevant services, regardless of where they live. At Patient Safety Learning, we have called on the NHS to provide more clarity on the clinics including specific locations. We have also recommended they set out plans to address regional disparities, should there be any, to avoid a post-code lottery of access (you can read our blog below).

Clear NHS plan needed to reassure Long COVID patients 

If you would like to discuss your concerns further, please do get in touch via content@pslhub.org 

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