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    I am a recently retired Primary school teacher and University lecturer. I have always been interested in health related matters. I was ill with Covid 19 in March and am still experiencing some symptoms, especially fatigue. I am interested in research around this and support that is available to me and other ‘long haulers’. There are thousands of us in the community with a wide variety of health problems following the acute phase of the illness.
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    I have been referred to one by my GP that is run by Kingston Hospital. It is at a clinic in Rayners Park. When I received the appointment I noticed that the clinic is run by a respiratory consultant. As my symptoms are mainly headaches, head congestion, ear pain and fatigue, I asked if the clinic was holistic or just for people with respiratory problems. The second GP I talked with said she didn’t know but that it was a good question (supporting the concern that GPS are not provided with enough information about the clinics). If the clinics are to help those of us with Long Covid they need to be multidisciplinary as people are experiencing a huge range of symptoms. The other problem is the appointment is not until 1st December! From reading posts on Facebook groups, it seems that a lot of people with long Covid are having to pay to see consultants privately and/or complementary therapists as they are not getting sufficient or appropriate help from the NHS. I have had to spend £500 already to see an ENT specialist, get an antibody test and a CT scan. These at least confirmed that I had had Covid and that a serious previous problem in my left ear had not recurred. However I do not have an explanation or solution for the problems I continue to experience post Covid.