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  1. Community Post
    Hi Helen. Thanks for your response. I had actually read that and completely forgotten that I had. Thanks for reminding me ! I'm also working on trying to better navigate the hub. With regard to point 3 below, I presume that the service offered will be determined by individual CCG's. So for example, in some areas, the service is being provided by the pulmonary rehab team. Whilst very welcome, I would presume that a respiratory nurse will not assess for all of the following or is the plan that they will be trained to do so ? 3. Designated Long Covid clinics, as announced today. This will in
  2. Community Post
    Hi. Has any progress been made with regards to locating clinics? Has Simon Stevens responded to the letter from PSL? It seems to be the case that same CCG's are choosing to set up clinics whereas some are referring patients to existing rehabilitation programs, usually within pulmonary/respiratory services. I expect the guidance criteria given to GP's as to which patients meet the local threshold for eligibility will also vary from one CCG to the next. This will be due to individual CCG's having the say as to what services are commissioned regionally, but is there any national guidelines as to
  3. Content Article Comment
    It would be interesting to compare whether less people go on to develop long covid in the areas that have piloted virtual wards/safety netting compared with regions that have not, Although it may be the case that people that are predisposed to long covid fall into a different subset to people who are likely to be admitted to hospital. However as a number of patients who sheltered at home during the first lockdown, experienced breathlessness/myalgia/chills/fatigue but were not monitored it, it seems to be a question worth asking.
  4. Community Post
    I was advised by my GP practice on the 15th October that I have been referred to a Post Covid Rehab pathway. Noone has been in touch yet, but when they do, I'll update you as to what that means...
  5. Community Post
    On Thursday 17th September I participated in a zoom meeting with Aaron Cummins, Chief Exec University Hospitals Morecambe Bay. He confirmed that there are no plans to commission one of these clinics in the Lancaster/Morecambe Bay Area. I was informed that patients should contact their gp who would direct them to existing services where they deemed it necessary to do so.