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Westminster Health Forum: Priorities for improving patient safety in the NHS - strategy and regulation, learning and innovation, and responding to COVID-19


Event details

The Westminster Health Forum is a division of Westminster Forum Projects, an impartial and cross-party organisation which has no policy agenda of its own. Forums operated by Westminster Forum Projects enjoy considerable support from within Parliament and Government.

The agenda:

  • The impact of investigations in the NHS and the priorities of the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch
  • Progress of improving patient safety in the NHS
  • Maintaining patient safety during COVID-19 - rapid learning to respond to the virus, continuity of care, and adapting care delivery practices
  • Delivering safe care in the NHS - preventing errors, utilising data and technology, supporting the workforce, and promoting high quality leadership
  • Learning from the voice of parents and families
  • How to improve patient safety by reducing unwarranted variation and learning from clinical negligence claims
  • The role of technology in reducing errors, enhancing care, and ensuring safety in remote healthcare and telemedicine
  • Taking forward the National Patient Safety Syllabus and supporting the workforce to deliver care safely during the presence of COVID-19
  • Learning from harm, reducing the cost of litigation in the NHS, and the impact of COVID-19
  • Assessing findings from the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review
  • The role of the regulator in reducing avoidable harm and informing future practice


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