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GPs and patients invited to share views on legal ‘duty of candour’

The Government is inviting views on how well GP practices and other NHS organisations are complying with their legal duty of candour when things go wrong.

Patients and health professionals are being asked whether the statutory duty is well understood and adequately regulated by the CQC.

Under the statutory duty of candour, introduced for all CQC-registered providers in 2015, GP practices must be open and honest with their patients when something goes wrong and has caused harm. 

In December, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) announced a review into whether healthcare providers are following the duty of candour rules.

This was in response to concerns that the duty is not always being met and that there is variation in how the rules are being applied. 

The DHSC has published its ‘call for evidence’ to gather views on how well the duty of candour obligation is working for both patients and health professionals. 

Patients have been asked whether GP practices and other providers ‘demonstrate meaningful and compassionate engagement’ with patients who have been affected by an incident. 

The call for evidence also asks for views on whether the criteria for triggering the duty are appropriate and well understood by staff.

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Source: Pulse, 16 April 2024


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