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Martha's rule: Mother to press health secretary on patient rights

The mother of Martha Mills, whose preventable death in hospital has led to calls for extra patients' rights, has said she is to meet the health secretary to discuss "Martha's Rule".

If introduced, it would give families a statutory right to get a second opinion if they have concerns about care.

Merope Mills said patients needed more clarity and to feel empowered.

Her daughter, Martha, died two years ago after failures in treating her sepsis at King's College Hospital.

She had entered hospital with an injury to her pancreas after falling off her bike. The injury was serious but should never have been fatal. Within days she had died of sepsis.

In an interview on Radio 4's Today programme, Mrs Mills said she had raised concerns but doctors told her the extensive bleeding was "a normal side-effect of the infection, that her clotting abilities were slightly off".

The King's College Hospital Trust said it remained "deeply sorry that we failed Martha when she needed us most" and her parents should have been listened to.

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Source: BBC News, 12 September 2023


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