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University Hospitals Birmingham: Whistleblowers fear no change at 'toxic' NHS trust

Whistleblowers who first revealed a toxic environment at one of England's largest NHS trusts say they do not believe crucial changes will be made.

In a letter, they said families who suffered due to management failings at University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) "have every reason to feel let down".

Investigations have been examining UHB after staff told the BBC a climate of fear put patients at risk.

The letter was written by three doctors to the Labour MP For Birmingham Edgbaston, Preet Gill, who is heading a cross-party reference group on the trust.

In their letter, the consultants raise concerns about the appointment from within the trust of new chief executive Jonathan Brotherton and feel the management team remains largely unchanged.

"More than six months have elapsed since we spoke to you of the need to repay the debt owed to those UHB staff, patients and their families who have suffered as a result of the board's serious failings," they wrote.

"They now have every reason to feel let down."

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Source: BBC News, 29 August 2023


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