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‘Serious failings’ contributed to death of patient at Broadmoor hospital

Serious failings by healthcare staff at Broadmoor Hospital were likely to have contributed to the death of a patient from self-asphyxiation, a jury has found.

Following a two-week inquest at Reading Coroner’s Court, a jury found staff failed to recognise and reduce the risks that acutely unwell patient Aaron Clamp presented to himself in the minutes leading to his death.

Mr Clamp died on 4 January 2021 after choking in his room at the NHS-run high secure mental health hospital Broadmoor.

In the weeks prior to his death, Mr Clamp’s mental health had deteriorated. He was transferred into a “psychiatric intensive care” ward at Broadmoor Hospital and placed in long-term segregation.

A summary of the jury’s findings shared with The Independent has found there was “a serious failure in the timely manner to recognise and reduce the level of risk, and a serious failure to recognise and execute the steps to remove the item of fabric” that Mr Clamp choked on.

“This omission probably contributed to the death,” the jury said.

It was also found there was “insufficient” recording by the trust of previous incidents of self-asphyxiation by Mr Clamp when he died.

Jurors said the plan for staff to carry out constant eyesight observations was appropriate, but not all aspects of the plan were adequately followed by staff members.

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Source: The Independent, 7 March 2022


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