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    I am a RN, researcher, facilitator & advisor. My areas of interest are resilient healthcare systems, safety culture and restorative justice. I would like to share, connect and learn from what has worked well in healthcare organisations and systems.
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    The Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
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    Thanks PSL team. A restorative approach considers safety systems as made of people and relationships as well as rules and processes. You can check out a brief summary here that is specific to mental health settings. https://www.hqsc.govt.nz/blog/using-a-restorative-approach-to-respond-to-adverse-events/ Learning reviews are also much better than RCA as they focus on storytelling and appreciate context (assuming there is a safe space to speak up and be heard. )
  2. Content Article
    This report, Hearing and Responding to the Stories of Survivors of Surgical Mesh, describes how restorative justice approaches were used to uncover the harms and needs created by surgical mesh use in New Zealand. The actions that consumers and healthcare stakeholders indicated would restore well-being, trust and safe healthcare in New Zealand are included. Skilled facilitators used restorative practices to create a safe space for consumers and health professionals to tell their stories. The same approach supported collaboration between multiple agencies so they could act for repair and prevention. The team that co-created the project includes academics, consumers, facilitators and New Zealand's Chief Clinical Officers. Formal research will evaluate the project next year and consider findings in the context of resilient healthcare systems