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    My daughter in her last year at Uni was finally diagnosed with ADHD. We were obliged to go private ( reputable clinic) and it was incredibly expensive. Had she stayed on the NHS waiting list, she was told it would be a 3 year wait. Hopeless if you are struggling and Uni won't give any accommodations unless you have a diagnosis. Then we had the trauma of trying to get the medication correct and even obtaining it was a full-time job- not to mention completely exorbitant-£150-200. That was a complete shock to the system. We are hoping to be accepted onto shared care by her GP but it's not a given. I resent having to go for the private diagnosis but we had no choice - waiting 3 years would be too late for her. Getting the diagnosis has clarified many things. As a teacher, my only experience of teenagers with ADHD was of boys and they certainly presented differently to my daughter. I think there is much progress to be made in the public's understanding of ADHD and what it is. Already there is a "backlash" in the media about everyone having ADHD. Very annoying to hear but ignorance is bliss for many.
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