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    It’s been a really difficult time for all of us this past year. When I say ‘we’, I mean every single person on the planet. I am yet to find anyone who hasn’t had to deal with stress, mental health problems, anxiety, illness, disappointment or bereavement of some nature over the past year. Collectively, we are all going to need a period to heal. I fear that the healthcare system will have no time to heal and that we are only on the tip of what more there is to come. Not only has the healthcare system had to deal with a pandemic, we have had to deal with the consequences from that. The
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    Hi @Jon Holt Ive been saying that actions don't reflect the true root causes for a while. This is an elephant in the room. Im hoping the new framework will help. But the old world usually bites back, and usually twice as hard. What is the solution?
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    I completely agree with you @Katrina. More often than not, post RCA, there are numerous actions but little assurance that they are being completed in a timely manner. Readdressing the balance is so important. The Patient safety managers voices are so very small - we all know its not right...so why are we not kicking up a fuss?
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    What is root cause analysis? Root cause analysis (RCA) is a structured method used to analyse serious adverse events. Initially developed to analyse industrial accidents, RCA is now widely deployed as an error analysis tool in healthcare. The RCA approach is the current methodology to investigate why and how serious incidents have happened in healthcare and to assure the Trust, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the patient/family that lessons have been learned and that the incident will not happen again. This methodology is soon to change next year as set out in the new Patient