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    I'm a patient with a life-shortening condition who works closely with the NHS to improve services, to make services more patient-focussed, improve patient experience, encourage and support more patient involvement/coproduction within the NHS, to improve access to palliative care and to ensure thorough advance care planning, and patient safety is an important part of the work.

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    It would be so useful if advance care planning documents including DNACPR and ReSPECT were coproduced with patients and families. I understand the need for clear forms, easy to read in a hurried situation, and that are concise and to the point, but I do feel coproducing future documents with patients like myself who have a life-limiting condition and who have had these conversations and used other versions of ACP documents, and current and former carers with this lived experience, would enable far better - more representative - documents to be created that make sense to patients and families a