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  • PEP Health. What Patients Think: Trends and variation in patient experience across hospitals in England 2019-20

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    PEP Health is a social media listening tool which offers a radical new approach to collecting and analysing the views of patients on the health services they encounter. The platform delivers comprehensive real-time reporting of what patients really think about their care and provide actionable insights that can function as a board assurance tool and provide feedback to inform operational decisions.

    This report explores some of the key findings from PEP Health data on trends and variation in patient experiences across hospitals in England and derives insights and recommendations that can lead to improvement in care.


    The report found large variations between organisations. National trends show:

    • Overall there is a considerably greater volume of positive feedback compared with negative feedback from patients on the care they received from providers.
    • A decrease in patient satisfaction across most quality domains throughout the autumn of 2019 into early 2020.
    • Distinct improvements in reported experiences of acute care as the Covid crisis took hold.
    • Signs of plateauing and possible declines emerging in late summer / early autumn 2020.


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